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The fight against fire starts before the fire itself begins.

Quality is a priority for us. Therefore, and being aware of the commitment that this means, Titan maintains an integrated Quality Management System, following a philosophy of continuous improvement. We not only want to be leaders in service, but also in customer service and in our work methodology.

Quality in all aspects

At Titan, we ensure that everything we do fulfils the relevant legal regulations related to the environment and to safety in all the services we provide, in fire extinction operations, fumigation, maintenance of aircraft and training of mechanics and pilots.

Management aims to constantly review and improve the company’s quality policy, ensuring that it is complied with. But most of all, we want the people who work with us to find this quality system just as important and to be part of it.

The pillars that sustain our quality system are based on

01. Excellence in management

whether in training, operations, fire fighting or aircraft maintenance. We promote the high qualification and training of all the personnel that form part of our company so that the services offered have the quality that define us.

02. Health and safety

always guaranteeing the safety of our workers, whatever their position, from pilots to administrative staff. We also contribute to improving the safety of our environment as much as possible in order to extend good practices beyond our organization.

03. Trust

offering a quality service is an important goal, but beyond that, we seek to be worthy of your trust, to fulfill your expectations. We want to maintain our position as a benchmark in terms of our task, which unites us all.

04. Respect for the environment

our work is synonymous with commitment with the environment. Preserving, maintaining and taking care of our natural parks and forests to preserve the richness of our heritage are tasks to be proud of.

Compliance with these guidelines has earned us the quality seals of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, for meeting the criteria defined in our policies.

Commitment and integrity

The people who make up our company aspire to ensure that their conduct responds and conforms to both the current legislation and to ethical principles and social responsibility.