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A professional training based on safety, effectiveness and efficiency.

With the objective to maintain our high standards of health, safety and efficiency, Titan offers different learning courses in different work areas with the AT-802. Our center, certified as an EASA Approved Training Organization offers multiple 100% official courses.

Thanks to our new facilities, theoretical and practical courses can be developed with the most experienced teachers in the field, brand-new teaching material and the most modern fleet available for training this aircraft, whose number of flight hours is minimal. This is with the objective of guaranteeing an excellent training.

Training courses for mechanics

01. Level 1 course type 

02. Level 3 course

03. Training courses for mechanics in categories B1 and B2

04. Refresher courses

Training courses for Pilots

01. Course type for Air Tractor models

02. Amphibious Model Rating Courses

03. Emergency procedures

04. Fire fighting courses

FTD Simulator

We have the privilege of having in our facilities the only simulator of category FTD level II approved by EASA, a state-of-the-art learning tool. The hours and training invested in the simulator, while supervised by an instructor, are counted as actual flight hours, thanks to the approval of EASA as a tool for pilot training.

This synthetic flight training device, the only one of its kind in all of Europe, can use the terrestrial or amphibious versions of an AT-802 dual-seat cabin with double instrumentation. The instructors can recreate different circumstances within the simulation to be faced in a safe environment: breakdowns, complex manoeuvers, performance in fire fighting operations …