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Other Services

The fight against fire begins before the fire itself starts.

The experience and training of its human team, together with the most advanced technical resources, allow Titan to offer a set of services adapted to different needs.

Aerial Spraying

AT-802s are aircraft used for firefighting. However, in their origins, these planes are for agricultural use. Titan has extensive experience against mosquitoes and locusts, or simply in fumigation and crop treatment, and can cover large areas in a very short time, thanks to a capacity of 3,000 liters and 5 hours of autonomy.

Oil spill dispersants

The AT-802’s spraying tools can also be used to drop dispersants on oil slicks to clean and dissolve them, a difficult task when they are at sea. With the use of aircraft, large areas of oil can be treated in a single flight to prevent spreading.

Operations and services

Our company has a know-how that allows us to advise agricultural, forestry and firefighting service operations, either to government entities and private operators or in operational structures. We also offer a service of elaboration of operational manuals and maintenance programs.

Titan also assists in obtaining certificates for operations and in the management of safety, maintenance and engineering systems.

Aircraft sale, spare parts and counseling

From Titan, we want to help you in the process of acquiring an aircraft. Therefore, we carry out studies to advise our clients with the appropriate technology for each situation, based on the client’s requirements and needs.

On the other hand, our business philosophy is that the relationship with the customer does not end at the time of sale. Therefore, the sales process includes the completion of all documentary procedures, certifications and delivery in the country of destination, as well as after-sales services and provision of spare parts.