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Code of Ethics and

Criminal Compliance

Our work has an impact, as do our actions

Grupo Titan must be characterized by its integrity, transparency, and professionalism, these being configured as the principles that must guide the business practices of the group’s companies.

Code of ethics and conduct

All of us at Grupo Titan must be aware that our actions have an impact on the image projected by the company and, therefore, can tarnish the successes that are the result of the efforts of the other members of this company.

At Grupo Titan we understand that scrupulous respect for the law is fundamental to the success and growth of our company, as well as the active contribution to the improvement of our society, the protection of the environment and, internally, the promotion of equality, respect and fellowship and, therefore, I encourage all of you to read our Code carefully and to consult it often as a guide to conduct.


Criminal and Anti-bribery Compliance Policy

The people who make up our company aspire to ensure that their conduct and that of the people linked to it respond to and comply with current legislation. Maintain a behavior that respects both the rules and its ethical values, defining a framework of principles of compliance in criminal and anti-bribery matters.