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Being precise and flying safely: two key factors in aerial firefighting. Flying during operations is very technical, and therefore, the safety of the pilot must be guaranteed all time. For this reason, at Titan we believe that such an important subject can only be taught by the best professionals.


UA Training, training center of the Spanish athlete Cástor Fantoba, freestyle world runner-up and 15 times Spanish champion, in collaboration with its partner Dares Pilot’s School, the only ATO specialized in sport and ultralight aviation in Spain, have been in charge of preparing our pilots for the 2021 season. The UPRT (Upset Recovery Training) aims to familiarize pilots with abnormal maneuvers that may occur during flight and to react quickly, confidently and effectively.



The training plan has been specially designed jointly between both schools and our company, completing some of the most outstanding maneuvers: stall recovery with and without engine, in turn, accelerated and secondary stalls, UPSET in different attitudes, positions, angles and augers.


Two aerobatic aircraft, an American Aircraft Super Decathlon for initial training and an Extra 300LP for more advanced training, have been the means used for this purpose.


“In our permanent search for excellence we have joined forces with Castor and its UA Training center because they are the best in this specialty, where knowledge, experience and training aircraft are unique.” Carlos Gómez Domínguez, manager of the company, emphasizes. “For our team this course has provided a competitive advantage in terms of precision and safety for the 2021 season.”