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We have been able to experience this edition of the Dakar through Rubén Saldaña, a motorcycle pilot who has competed wearing our brand, Titan Firefighting. For Rubén, participating in the Dakar was the culmination of a youthful dream and now, at 41, he has been able to make it come true. The path up to here has not been easy, the selection process to be able to participate is very restrictive and at first his application was rejected, although after the results obtained in various tests, including the Rallye du Maroc, his application was accepted. to participate.

At Titan Firefighting we share those values of fighting to achieve the challenges that are set before us. Rubén had a fall in the second stage that damaged his shoulder, which prevented him from participating in two stages, from the 5th stage he was able to resume the race through the Dakar Experience, he could no longer compete to win, but for him it was It was a challenge to finish the test and he did it.

From Titan we congratulate Rubén for completing the test and we are grateful that he has worn our brand and colors in an event of such demand and impact. We accompany this information with some of the images of the participation of Rubén Saldaña and Titan Firefighting in the Dakar 2023.