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At Titan Firefighting we think that ethics and transparency are essential for the long-term success of any organization. Therefore, within the continuous improvement process that we have been developing for years, we set an objective: implement the procedures and good Compliance practices in the company’s strategy and operations.
We obtained these certifications:

  • UNE 19601:2017 Compliance Management. Achieved in 2020, this focuses on the implementation and management of an effective compliance system within the organization. This refers to compliance with laws, regulations and ethical standards applicable to business activity. Obtaining 19601 certification involves establishing internal processes and controls to identify, evaluate and manage legal and ethical risks.
  • ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System. Obtained in 2022, this focuses on establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an anti-bribery management system. Bribery is a significant threat to business integrity and can have negative consequences. ISO 37001 certification helps prevent, detect and address bribery in all its forms.

We believe that having managed to implement these good practices and procedures provides us with clear benefits, such as:

  • Legal risk mitigation: ISO 19601 helps identify and address potential legal risks before they become significant problems. This reduces the likelihood of legal sanctions, fines and reputational damage.
  • Strengthening reputation: Certification demonstrates our company’s commitment to high ethical standards and corporate responsibility, which improves the trust of our clients and collaborators.
  • Operational efficiency: Implementing structured compliance processes improves operational efficiency by reducing legal uncertainty and facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Credibility and trust: ISO 37001 certification demonstrates that the company has solid measures to prevent bribery, which generates trust between clients and collaborators.
  • It benefits employees, as it creates an environment of trust, reduces uncertainty and fear of retaliation. In addition, it promotes ethical behavior at all levels of the organization, helping to create a feeling of pride and belonging to a responsible organization.

For its implementation, staff were trained and a committee was created that is responsible for ensuring that staff comply with compliance standards. On the other hand, communication channels have been established by email or through the form on the web so that if any employee detects any type of strange behavior, anomaly, unethical attitude, that may not comply with the procedures and good practices, they can be notified.

A reporting channel has also been created on the website, so that these behaviors can be reported by employees or third parties.

At Titan we are very proud of the entire team that is part of the company for what we have achieved and for everyone’s involvement.

If you want to know more in detail about our rules and code of ethics, you can access them through this link where they can be downloaded.