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Last April Titan Firefighting, in collaboration with Fireplan, conducted a high-level emergency drill to train its employees in the extraction and evacuation of casualties during an emergency.

Under the slogan “Know to foresee, foresee to protect”, the Fireplan team designed in collaboration with Titan a customized training with a clear objective: to learn how to rescue the members of any aircraft that could crash both in our facilities and outside them.

“Sometimes, the training considered as mandatory in terms of safety is little or insufficient,” Fireplan explains. “The important thing is not only to comply with current regulations, but to prepare people for scenarios that are as unfamiliar to them as they are real. Our long experience in emergencies allows us to see what is the origin of them and how to act quickly and thus, teach what to do from the perspective of professionals who have lived these situations”.

Four hours of theoretical training and two hours of practical training were given. They reviewed the basic fundamentals of fire, extinguishing agents, emergency care, care of polytraumatized persons, extraction and evacuation. Subsequently, they put all this knowledge into practice: on the one hand, extracting a person from a confined space, learning how to correctly tie him to a stretcher and how to practice an evacuation without harming him. On the other hand, they practiced with a controlled fire how to use different types of extinguishing agents, how to approach a fire and how to extinguish it correctly.

Titan employees were heavily involved in the drill.

Finally, a high-level simulation was performed, representing a type II air accident, in which the pilot was conscious but could not leave the aircraft due to her injuries. A total of 10 people were organized and distributed in two teams in an intervention where speed, coordination and knowledge of the correct techniques were essential in order to successfully extract the injured pilot.

“Our experience with Fireplan has been very rewarding,” says Jorge Civera, Occupational Risk Prevention Coordinator at Titan Firefighting.  “From the first contact they showed great professionalism and involvement, which they reflect through their training. Cases like this demonstrate the importance of having the best professionals to train”.

This initiative is part of Titan’s commitment to train all its staff with the best security experts.

If it happens, we will be prepared.