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We announce that Titan Firefighting certifies its criminal risk prevention management system in compliance with the requirements of the UNE 19601:2017 standard. Our group, composed of Titan Aviation Holding SL, Titan Firefighting Company SL and Air Tractor Europe SL, has become the first aeronautical group to have a legal and criminal risk prevention system.

A system with which we continue to consolidate our philosophy of being transparent and gaining the trust of all our customers, whether public or private. A guarantee that, on the other hand, is increasingly demanded in a context where the fight against corruption and money laundering is a constant. Thanks to this system, we will have greater control over how we operate and reduce to the maximum any legal or reputational risk, as well as monitor any deviation or suspicious action. All of this can be endorsed before authorities and third parties in accordance with the required standards.

Compliance diploma

This certification covers all areas of our work, from aircraft maintenance to fumigation and firefighting operations, including pilot and mechanic training, aircraft leasing and sales, and the management of our companies, in addition to other services. We can proudly say that our commitment to legality, truthfulness and transparency is growing day by day, a trust thanks to which we are leaders in Europe.