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AT-802 aircraft are equipped with one of the most advanced water dispersal systems available, the FRDS (Fire Retardant Dispersal System). It’s the only computerized, constant-flow firegate with approval for part replacement.

With the objective of giving a continuous improvement in mind, the FRDS keeps evolving in different versions. Now is the turn of FRDS Gen III: a significant improvement not only for firefighting or agricultural operations, but also in terms of maintenance and accessibility.

Among other improvements, a much lighter structure (270lbs less), a 25% improvement in flow-rate respect to the Gen II gate, a simpler, more accessible system for operation, foam injection control, and full-electric operation that replaces hydraulic functions.

This last point is one of the most outstanding, since the FRDS Gen III uses 30% fewer components, which also facilitates maintenance tasks, but also maintaining the same installation procedure as the Gen II. The operators highlight its many qualities: the precision of the gate, the high constant flow of water and the reduction in weight, obtained by using materials and techniques related to aerospace engineering.

Gen III brings many advantages that other systems simply cannot offer. Currently this system is the new standard equipment of the AT-802 aircraft. If you would like to request more information, please contact us at info@titanfirefighting.com